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community_promo's Journal

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LJ Community Promotions
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Revised: 2005.10.27

You must read this bio when you join. We do delete posts, and we do ban people. There is no such thing here as, "I didn't know." Check this page periodically to remain aware of revised guidelines.

So, you've created a community! Now you need people to join it! Advertise your communities here! Or maybe you're looking for a community. Join up and follow along, or try asking in community_quest for pre-existing communities. You can also try communitysearch, where communities are neatly separated into categories to make finding the right community easier.

Tired of people posting four or five times for the same community? Tired of seeing the same ad every single day? Want a community news journal to follow that won't kill your friends page? This is now it.

What you need to know:
Before you make a post, you MUST read the Community_Promo Rule Page. After you have joined the community, go ahead and post (click the three dots after "Update Journal") your community's URL (try <lj comm=communityname> to make it look "cool") and give us a synopsis. If you need help with your HTML (how to make a link) check the FAQ.

If you make any kind of mistake in your post, or forget the URL, you have a few options. You can post the URL in a comment to the post, or you can edit the old entry so that it's complete. Multiple posts will be deleted at our discretion (which means the one YOU think is better may be deleted if you don't fix it yourself).

If you have multiple communities to promote, please consolidate your adverts into one entry.

Still totally lost? Check out the Communities FAQ.

As a reminder, the LiveJournal.com Terms of Service are no joke. It is a legal document, and violation of it can result in legal action. You probably won't get sued for violations, but you never know. LJ can always use money to buy new servers. But keep in mind, if you violate the ToS, we have full right to go to abuse if you take up the issue with us (and are unfriendly about it).

Got a question? E-mail the maintainer. Please don't leave comments in our personal journals. If we've deleted a post of yours and you want to talk about it, please send an e-mail our way, and we will get back to you ASAP.

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