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Modified 08/18/2008

Here are the rules of this community, all in one easy-to-read page:

    First of all, please understand that this is a moderated community. What this means is that your entry will be reviewed before allowed through the queue. This also means that it will not show up immediately on the community page. Be patient.

    It is your own responsibility to read this page and e-mail the maintainer if you have any questions. Constant disregard for the rules will result in a ban.

    1. Images should not exceed 500 X 300 pixels**.

      If the image you wish to post in an entry does not fit in the above template, then it is not allowed and you must resize it!
      However, if you cannot or do not want to resize your image, feel free to put it under an LJ-cut.

      **Landscape only. 300 X 500 (portrait) pixels is not the same and will not be accepted.

      1b. 18+ images/content* must be placed under an LJ-cut, and have a fair warning to users regarding the content beneath the cut.
      *Nudity, alcohol or drug abuse, sexual content, etc. This rule is enforced per moderator's discretion.

    2. If your community was created more than 90 days ago, you may only promote that community once a month (30 days).

    3. If your community was created less than 90 days ago, you may promote it once a week (7 days). You will follow the previous rule above when it becomes more than 90 days old.

    4. You may not post to the community more than 3 times during a 7-day period.

    5. Linking only to the 'join' page in your post is not permitted.

    6. This community is not for promoting the following: icon journals, newsgroups, LiveJournal feeds, ebay auctions, communities from other blog sites, or anything else that is not LiveJournal community related. These posts will be rejected/deleted and the poster may be banned. No exceptions.

      If you have one of the above to promote, I suggest you do so at shameless_plugs.

      6b. Additionally, please do not spam your communities in the comment section of other members' promo entries. This is a thoroughly unnecessary way to get yourself banned, when you could've simply made a valid post of your own, promoting your community.

    7. Also, any entry that would significantly disrupt the community main page or friends pages of members, such as multiple or duplicate images, large or obnoxious text, unnecessary repetition of links, etc. is inappropriate and will be rejected.

    If your post does not contain a LiveJournal community, it will not be accepted.

    Any posts that do not comply with these rules will be rejected/deleted without question.

    If you have any questions about these rules, please e-mail me. Do not post to the community without understanding this entire page.

    *Comment spammers are banned immediately. No exceptions.
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